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Automatic line for production of Taralli

Automatic Line for Taralli, Covrigi, Rosquillas, Grissini, Friselle and other similar products of ring shape, with automatic placing on the trays.

The maximum expression of easy-to-use! The line was designed with the aim of simplifying the work of the operators, without changing the high quality of the products, a typical feature of an artisan product.

To do this, the line was made of two main parts: an Automatic Dough Feeder and a Taralli shaping machine. The machines have been designed to keep the temperature of the dough at a constant level during all the production stages and not to stress the dough, from the moment it is placed inside the extruder hopper, up to the moment the product is placed on the trays. The Automatic Dough Feeder is composed of a series of conveyor belts and a three-roller extruder head which, by not laminating the dough, makes the product crumbly. The whole process of work can be done by a single operator keeping operating costs low with a high productivity.

Technical features

The great flexibility to make different product shapes, the possibility of working different types of dough, allow the Line to be a machine at the service of the bakers, ready to satisfy their every need.

For each machine, all the devices used to form the products are made according to the customer’s requests, so as to obtain the desired product shape. The Line is fully controlled by PLC, easily adjustable from a touch screen operator panel friendly to use with the possibility of save the set recipes, so as to satisfy even the most creative customers.

It has a working width of 600 mm and uses 600×800 mm or 600×400 mm trays for automatic loading (Other working widths on request).

  • Working dimensions: for trays of 600x800mm (600x400mm)
  • Maximum length: 6800 mm
  • Maximum width: 1400 mm
  • Maximum height: 1800 mm
  • Total weight: 960 kg
  • Power installed: 3,1 kw
Information about the machine:Automatic line for production of Taralli