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Machine used to boil products placed on trays such as Taralli, Covrigi or other types of product.

The machine consists of a tank containing water heated by a burner, a rack in which the trays are placed and a motorized lifting system which immerses the rack in the water and lifts it once boiling is complete. On the sides of the machine it is possible to hook drip plate on which to place the rack to let the water raised by boiling flow out. The machine is thermally insulated to avoid heat loss as much as possible and reduce consumption and is also equipped with a pendant control panel for lift control. In the 60×80 models, the boiler is equipped with a temperature probe connected to a thermostat that allows to manage the burner power based on the set operating temperatures and with a timer that automatically lift the rack once the set boiling time has elapsed.

Available in 3 sizes: for 60×40 trays with 18-place rack capacity, for 60×80 trays with 18-place rack capacity and with 27-place rack capacity.

Technical features

  • Structure in stainless steel
  • Natural gas or LPG gas burner (on request it is possible to do heating with a group of armored electric resistances)
  • Power 3.1 kW
  • Electrical connection 400V 50Hz 3Ph+N+PE (On request 220V 60Hz 3Ph+PE)
  • Empty weight: 230kg (60×40 18 trays rack capacity); 260kg (60×80 18 trays rack capacity); 350kg (60×80 27 trays rack capacity)
  • Machine dimensions:
  1. 60×40: 1540*x1192x2470**h mm (Minimum ceiling height 2550mm)
  2. 60×80 (18 seats): 1940*x1192x2470**h mm (minimum ceiling height 2550mm)
  3. 60×80 (27 places): 1980*x1202x2770**h mm (Minimum ceiling height 2850mm)
Information about the machine:Boiler