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Breadstick shaper machine

Shaping machine for Grissini, Taralli (closed manually), Rosquillas (closed manually), Covrigi (closed manually) and other similar products.

The machine processes a strip of dough which is placed on an introduction roller conveyor, calibrated to the desired thickness by two calibrating rollers and subsequently divided into breadsticks by a drawing unit made of two stainless steel drawing rollers of the desired diameter. Once the breadstick is formed, it is cut by a motorized knife to the desired length.

Technical features

  • Structure in stainless steel
  • Motorized calibrating rollers with adjustable thickness by a handwheel
  • 1 Gearmotor for the belt with adjustable speed by inverter
  • 2 Gearmotors for cutting and for the drawing unit
  • Power 0.75 kW
  • Electrical connection 400V 50Hz 3Ph+N+PE (On request 220V 60Hz 3Ph+PE)
  • Weight 125 kg
  • Hourly production depends on the diameter of the breadstick, approximately 100/150 kg
  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement
  • Equipped with timers for adjusting the length of the product
  • Equipped with only one drawing unit, other units available on request
  • Drawing units from Ø 6mm to Ø 22mm with a working width of 180mm
  • Introduction roller conveyor and outfeed belt can be closed to take up less space
  • Machine dimensions: at rest 500x850x1550 mm at work 500x2350x1220
Information about the machine:Breadstick shaper machine