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Tilter machine for Bins

The lifting of the bins takes place by means of a stainless steel piston operated by a hydraulic control unit connected to the electric motor, for a lifting capacity that can reach up to 800 kg. The Tilter machine can be operated using an up / down button only with the present of an operator.

For the realization of the Tilter machine the best materials are used to work in places with the presence of water and humidity and the structure of the machine is entirely made of stainless steel. In fact, thanks to this design philosophy, this machine is suitable for working in production plants where a lot of water is used for washing the products and finds its best use in plants for the production of vegetables, olives, fish products, dried fruit. , etc.

Our Tilter machine are customized according to the specifications required by the type of product processing. The containers to be lifted can be of any shape and size, as well as the height of discharge and the width of the outlet, all variable parameters defined at the time of design together with the customer.

Technical features

  • Structure in stainless steel
  • Hydraulic control unit
  • Connected to the electric motor
  • External and working dimensions
  • To be defined at the order
  • CE Conformity
Information about the machine:Tilter machine for Bins