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Industrial cutter designed for intensive cutting of bread by reciprocating movement of a series of blades

Machine built to open the “carasau” bread or pita (flat bread) through alternative cutting blade.
A simple handwheel can be used to set the height of the conveyor belt and the press for the desired cut to be always perfectly in the middle of the product.

Machine built to cut in half the sponge cake, friselle, dakos (crunchy bread slices) donuts, sandwiches, ciabatta bread, hot-dog, hamburger bun, etc.. thanks to the alternating movement of a stainless-steel blade.

Friselle cutting machine: machine built to cut friselle, dakos, (crunchy bread slicers), donuts, sandwiches, slippers, hot-dogs, hamburger buns, etc. thanks of an alternative movement of a stainless steel blade.

It can cut small and large pieces up to a maximum width of 235 mm